Medical, Research, Food & Drug Calibration

Medical Instrument Calibration

PCS has the knowledge, tools and experience to offer complete, comprehensive service to any lab or facility in the medical, research, or food & drug industry. Our professional technicians are trained to calibrate the following instruments per ISO 17025, ISO 8655 and CLIA regulations.

PCS recently purchased two state of the art Ametek “Jofra” dry block calibrators which allow us to perform thermometer and thermometer system calibrations ranging from -90° C to 660°C  with superb accuracy and speed which translates into lower costs and faster turnarounds for our customers. We also have a series of oil bath calibrators and electronic sourcing equipment which enables us to provide complete and comprehensive thermometer and temperature device calibration.

  • Liquid-In-Glass (LIG) Thermometer Calibration
  • Digital Thermometer Calibration
  • PRT’s , RTD’s and Thermocouple Calibration
  • Thermo-Hygrometer and Chart Recorder Calibration
  • IR Thermometer Calibration
  • Chart Recorders

Autoclave Calibration

PCS uses the latest technology in temperature data logging calibration equipment and software for complete autoclave calibration. Our equipment is accurate within (+/-0.1°C) and is able to produce results within seconds after the autoclave cycle completes.  You will be able to view your machines performance before we leave the premises so that you will have no delay in knowing if your target specifications are being met. A complete long form NIST traceable certificate is included with every calibration.

Laboratory Oven Calibration

Laboratory ovens and incubators are calibrated with a variety of test equipment to produce the most accurate calibration possible for your application.  We use a variety of test instruments (depending on the temperature range of your application) including data loggers, Platinum Resistance Thermometer’s (PRT’s) and digital thermocouple temperature measuring systems to provide you with the most accurate calibration possible.

PCS has the capability and experience to calibrate many of the instruments associated with Vaccine Cold Chain Requirements.  We realize the challenge our customers face in meeting the rapidly rising demand of the COVID 19 vaccine supply chain and distribution network.  We offer ISO 17025 accredited calibration for temperature monitoring devices, dataloggers, laboratory refrigerators and freezers. With a range of -90°C to 8°C, our capabilities extend to cover even the coldest vaccine storage requirements.  Our vaccine storage calibration services are here to help our customers meet new and existing regulatory requirements set forth by the CDC, WHO, and FDA.

PCS is equipped to calibrate fixed, selectable or adjustable pipettes ranging from 10uL to 10,000uL. PCS pipette calibration services are available in our lab with a free expedited turnaround of 48 hours.  We also offer onsite calibration services at your facility using a portable volumetric Pipette Accuracy Tester. Our Pipette calibration procedures, equipment and certificates are all ISO 8655 compliant.  Here at PCS we understand the challenges our customers face in today’s heavily regulated medical research, and Food & Drug industries.

Balance / Scale Calibration

PCS provides calibration services of analytical balances and scales ranging from 1mg to 10kg using ASTM Class 1 weights. Our thorough procedure includes cleaning, re-leveling, “before” and “after” readings, pre-load linearity, corner load linearity and repeatability. It is recommended that all balances and scales be calibrated on-site. Many factors contribute to the loss of accuracy during shipment and set-up in a location other than where it was originally calibrated. Therefore, it is critically important to have all balances and scales calibrated after delivery. In addition to first time set-up calibration – ongoing regularly scheduled calibration performed by a trained technician is the only way to ensure accuracy is maintained.

Microscope Service / Calibration

PCS offers a comprehensive microscope service program to help you meet your laboratory quality goals including Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) regulations. It is also important to note that all microscope manufacturers strongly recommend implementing a preventative maintenance service plan to ensure the instrument performs properly throughout the life of the instrument. Experienced, factory-trained technicians are available to perform cleaning, lens inspection, alignment and general service of the following types of microscopes regardless of the manufacturer.

Moisture Analyzer Calibration

PCS is an authority on Moisture analyzer calibration and can provide services for most major manufacturers including Mettler-Toledo and Ohaus.  With our highly trained staff and state of the art calibration equipment, we can provide top level calibration services onsite at you facility or in our lab with a standard 48 hour turnaround.

PH Meter Calibration

pH Meters are calibrated using a combination of pH solution standards at 4, 7 and 10pH and our Hanna pH simulation meter. Using this method, PCS can insure that both the pH meter and probe are accurate and are working as properly as a system.  All pH meter calibrations are calibrated to NIST traceable standards.

Viscometer Calibration

PCS offers precision NIST traceable viscometer calibration and using special-order silicone standards supplied by the OEM. As a result of increasingly stringent regulations placed on Quality Control, Research & Development and other industries, companies are challenged to find quality calibration services to comply with numerous audits and inspections.  PCS is an ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory that will help you achieve your quality control goals and meet the demands of regulatory audits with confidence.

On-Site Calibration Services

At PCS, we provide specialized on-site calibration services to customers whose facilities are located in Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama or Kentucky. If your company is near one of the following locations, we can perform your required medical instrument calibration services on-site:

  • Knoxville, TN
  • Johnson City, TN
  • Nashville, TN
  • Bristol, TN
  • Murfreesboro, TN
  • Kingsport, TN
  • Chattanooga, TN
  • Abingdon, VA
  • Huntsville, AL
  • Decatur, AL
  • Louisville, KY
  • Lexington, KY

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Accreditation and Documentation

All calibrations are traceable to the SI through NIST, (National Institute of Standard and Technology) and include “long form” calibration certificates with as-found/as-left data. ISO 17025 accredited calibration is available upon request. We also offer a web based calibration interface, “e-certificates” that gives you access to electronic copies of your calibration certificates which can be viewed and printed at your convenience. Standard turnaround time is 48 hours.

The team at PCS is willing to work hard, when it matters most, to ensure our state crime laboratory system continues to meet stringent ISO accreditation requirements.

Chad Johnson

Quality Assurance Manager, Forensic Services Division, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

We have been using PCS to calibrate our equipment since 2012. Turnaround time has always been around 24 hrs!!

Jamie Neal

Weidmann Diagnostics

Our CAP auditors, who always inspect us thoroughly, were very impressed with the pipette calibrations performed by PCS.

John Ritter

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

Being partnered with PCS is an absolute pleasure. Turnaround times are always fast and on schedule!

Michael Grones

Shively Brothes-General Motors Powertrain

PCS handles a large portion of our outside calibrations. They always provide a quick turnaround for anything we send them

Ed Carbo

Aisin Automotive Casting

Precision Calibration has provided excellent service for all of our calibration needs and always provide an extremely fast turnaround!

Sara Lambert

Dynamic Aviation

Thanks for the support when issues pop up at our plant. Having calibrated items available at a moments notice prevents a show stopper for customers!

Darrell Dietz

Jost QA Manager

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