Calibration Program Management


Calibration Program Management or “CPM” is an innovative service designed to provide a turn-key gauge calibration management solution so you are able to focus more of your time and resources on your core business and important day to day activities.  Our unique solution is complete and comprehensive as we not only manage gauges calibrated by PCS, but we also include all vendor and in-house calibrated gauges in your plant. We automatically send you up to date monthly gauge status reports and calibration due schedules in MS excel format.  You will also enjoy secure “online anywhere” access to all of your Calibration Certificates and advanced audit support during your next audit.  One of the most important benefits of “CPM” is the peace of mind knowing your calibration program is managed by an ISO 17025 accredited company which greatly reduces the possibility of an audit finding due to calibration. Please call for more information about this exciting new program!


What we do:

  • Calibration Database Management – PCS will create and constantly update a database with detailed information for each gauge at your facility. All calibrated gauges, even those calibrated in house or by other vendors will be included to give you a complete and comprehensive calibration management solution.
  • Calibration Schedule / Gauge Maintenance -A schedule with the status of each gauge in your facility will be maintained and updated using Microsoft excel.  The most current spreadsheet will be emailed to you and any specified point of contact at the beginning of each month.
  • Calibration Certificate Maintenance – PCS will maintain your calibration certificates so you no longer have to keep certificate hard copies. You will have instant access to all of your calibration certificates from any computer through our secure online “e-certificates” customer database.


  • Reduced internal Resources– Far less time and resources dedicated to managing a calibration program which enables you to focus on your important day to day tasks and core business
  • Successful Audits  –  Peace of mind knowing that you have your calibration program managed by an ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory which greatly diminishes the possibility of a finding due to calibration during an audit.

*This turn-key approach to calibration management is new to the industry and has been very successful for many of our customers. Please call and ask us for more details about this innovative solution!

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