Gage Block Calibration

Gage Block Calibration

Gage Block Calibration Capability: (Up to 8" / 200mm)

  • Mitutoyo
  • Webber
  • Starrett
  • Fowler
  • Other

Gage Block Calibration

The Gage (gauge) block is the most fundamental and precise length measurement instrument used in today’s metrology laboratories.  In fact, gage blocks are so accurate that they are most often used to calibrate or master other laboratory dimensional measuring equipment such as micrometers, calipers, height gauges and even super-micrometers. What makes gage blocks so essential to a metrology lab and the technicians who use them is their superb length accuracy.  ANSI/ASME grade-00 gage block accuracy can be as small as 2 micro-inches or 0.05 microns – or about the width of 1/1000 of a human hair! These amazingly small tolerances are achieved through extremely tight control of flatness, parallelism and surface finish parameters during the gage block manufacturing process. Unfortunately, gage block accuracy will diminish over time due to wear from frequent use and damage can occur suddenly with accidental drops. To ensure accuracy is maintained, gage blocks should be calibrated on a routine basis by a creditable ISO 17025 accredited calibration service provider. Gage block calibration intervals are best determined by examining how critical the specific measurement is to your processes and how frequently the gage blocks are used.

Why you should choose PCS to be your Gage Block Calibration Service provider


  • Exceptional Quality – PCS provides high quality ISO-17025 accredited gage block calibration service. We use the latest state of the art dimensional measuring equipment and employ only the best trained calibration technicians.  PCS is steadily becoming one of the premier dimensional calibration labs in the country.
  • Wide range of Capability – PCS has the capability to calibrate metric and standard gage blocks ranging from grade AS-2 up to and including grade-00.  We can accommodate full gage block sets and individual gage blocks from 0.05” up to 8”.  We routinely calibrate all major brands of gage blocks including Mitutoyo, Webber and Starrett.
  • Fast Turnaround – PCS promises to deliver fast gage block calibration turnaround time which can be as little as 48 hours. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge extra fees for expedited services. At PCS, we believe that providing quality calibration services faster than our competitors is fundamental to our success as a calibration company.
  • Low Cost – PCS is one of the most economical full-service ISO-17025 accredited calibration companies in America. Through innovation and continuous process improvement, we continue to deliver cost effective gage block calibration services without sacrificing quality.
  • Great Customer service – PCS prides itself on providing exceptional customer service to all our customers both large and small.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff responds quickly to quote requests whether it be online, via phone or by email. We also offer all our customers a free online database solution for easy upkeep of calibration certificates.

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Accreditation and Documentation

All Gage Block calibration is traceable to the SI through NIST, (National Institute of Standard and Technology) and include “long form” calibration certificates. ISO 17025 accredited calibration is available upon customers request. PCS also offers a web based calibration interface, which will provide you with access to electronic copies of your calibration certificates which can be viewed and printed on demand. Standard gage block calibration turnaround time is 48 hours!