Calibration Service Bristol, VA

Bristol, VA

Precision Calibration Systems (PCS) provides onsite and lab calibration services to customers in Bristol, VA. Utilizing the latest in portable calibration standards, PCS can calibrate many types of instruments at your location in Bristol, VA.  In addition, instruments sent into the PCS lab are turned around quicker than anywhere else in the country.  PCS provides an industry-leading 48-72 hour standard turnaround time, with some days experiencing a 24 hour or less turnaround time. 

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Calibration when and where you need

Are you experiencing a last minute emergency in Bristol, VA and need fast and responsive calibration services as quickly as possible? 

Precision Calibration Systems offers expedited service and flexible scheduling to meet your needs. 

Calibration when and where you need.

Wide range of capabilities

Precision Calibration Systems is a full service ISO 17025 calibration laboratory providing a wide range of instrument and gage calibration services to customers in Bristol, VA and surrounding areas. The fully-staffed lab provides support and local on-site services to include:

  • Optical Comparator Calibration
  • Gage Block Calibration
  • Dimensional Calibration
  • Caliper Calibration
  • Micrometer Calibration
  • Pressure Gauge Calibration
  • Pressure Transducer Calibration
  • Thermometer Calibration
  • Multimeter Calibration
  • Hardness Tester Calibration
  • Tensile Tester Calibration
  • Break Tester Calibration
  • Compression Tester Calibration
  • Vision System Calibration
  • Temperature Calibration
  • Spectrophotometer Calibration
  • Analytical Balance Calibration
  • Scale Calibration
  • Pipette Calibration

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