Pin Gauge Calibration

Calibrating Your Pin Gauges – With Speed & Precision

Without the proper equipment, pin gage or pin calibration is incredibly difficult, time consuming, and questionable in meeting industry standards. In order for pin gauges to be useful, they need to be almost perfectly round at the right dimension throughout their entire length, and any pin gauge that does not meet these tolerances should be replaced.

Theoretically, you could probably take a bunch of painstaking measurements with a micrometer to see if the pin gauges are where they need to be, but this type of test won’t have sufficient credibility to be considered a viable calibration. Even if you’re willing to go through all of that, this methodology won’t be recognized by a known calibration standard. Which in the case for most applications, you would be putting yourself through unnecessary trouble to neglect these standards and certifications.

If you have pin gauges or any other types of precision gauges in need of calibration, PCS employs a knowledgeable team that can help. We’re the calibration experts, and we can calibrate your pin gauges with an unmatched level of speed and precision.

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Pin Gauge Calibration Technology

At Precision Calibration Systems, we have an exceptionally high standard expectations. To achieve the level of quality we value, we use a state-of-the-art Pratt & Whitney Universal Supermicrometer that is accurate to 10 micro-inches. We use this instrument to calibrate all of our customers’ hard gauges such as pin gauges, plug gauges, ring gauges, and thread plug gauges.

PCS is also a proud distributor of Vermont, Meyer Gauge, Mitutoyo, Starrett, and SPI measuring equipment manufacturers. We can help with pin gauge replacement or new pin gauge needs.

Accreditation and Documentation

All calibrations are traceable to the SI through NIST, (National Institute of Standard and Technology) and include “long form” calibration certificates with as-found/as-left data.  ISO/IEC-17025 accredited calibration is available upon request. We also offer a web based calibration interface, “e-certificates” that gives you access to electronic copies of your calibration certificates which can be viewed and printed at your convenience. Standard turnaround time is 48 hours.

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