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Prevents human tightening errors (Pokayoke)
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  • The MCSP is a preset type interchangeable open end head marking torque wrench. It automatically marks a corner of the nut (or bolt) on the side, when the set torque is reached.
  • Conventionally, the tightening and marking procedure is a two-step process: (1) Tighten with a torque wrench; then (2) Make a mark with a pen. Tohnichi’s MCSP prevents a mark from being made if tightening was forgotten.
  • Preset head is ideal for successive tightenings at the same torque.
  • MCSP series torque wrenches come in a selection of three body types, permitting tightening torque applications from 10 to 140 N・m.
  • MSH15D series interchangeable heads for the MCSP series offer a selection of 14 sizes. Interchangeable open end head dimensions (width across flats) of nuts (bolts) range from 12 to 32 mm.
  • MSH15D series open end interchangeable heads are more compact than those in the regular SH series, making them useful for marking where dimensions are restricted.
  • Uses a disposable marker, so no need for ink refills. One marker performs about 2,000 markings. Marker replacement is easy. Also suitable for vertical marking.



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