Our Mission

“To be the fastest and most customer responsive calibration company in the industry.”


Precision Calibration Systems “PCS” is an ISO/IEC-17025 accredited calibration laboratory founded in 2009 by Brandon Goodman following a successful engineering career in the automotive manufacturing industry.

“While working as an engineering manager in the automotive industry, I was ultimately responsible for ensuring that all of our critical process equipment was calibrated.  I soon realized that a calibration company that completed work on time, as promised was desperately needed, so I was inspired to do just that!” Brandon Goodman, PCS Founder/President

PCS is built upon one fundamental principal: to provide on-time calibration to every customer.  Like Brandon, all of PCS’s key employees have previously worked in positions where they were tasked with obtaining calibration services. We truly know the frustration of empty promises and missed lead times by other calibration companies. Understanding the real world demand of the “customer side” of the calibration system is what drives us to be the fastest and most customer responsive calibration company possible.

What We Do:

  1. Ensure all instruments sent to our lab for calibration are completed on time, as promised… no excuses!
  2. Offer responsive on-site calibration including hard to find pin, plug, thread and ring gauge calibration services with the use of our environmentally controlled mobile laboratory.
  3. Provide every customer with affordable, accurate and fast calibration.